BOT for establishing a sector transformation center

A large government entity responsible fore regulating an sophisticated industry is looking to transform the sector in line with the overall country's vision. To do that, they needed support in establishing a strategic transformation center that is responsible for master planing, prioritization and orchestration of all transformation initiatives.

Pace Consultancy was part of the selected consortium that was tasked with the building the center, operating it, and then transferring it to the entity (BOT model). This included the following:

Build phase:
Developing the blue print and all necessary components for establishing the center including governance, people, process and technology. In addition to performing master planning and prioritization of initiatives and financial budgeting.

Operate phase:
Supplying qualified resources to support the center in managing the execution in line with agreed plans and budgets, as well as, facilitating the operationalization of the Initiative management handbook

Transfer phase:
Support with ramp up of resources and talent incubation at the center to hand-over and transition out.

This exercise was completed successfully in less than one year, and the center now if fully operational.

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