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Salary structure review, benchmark, and proposing
a new one that ensures competitiveness to attract talents

As part of its transformation, the government entity had recognized the need to bring its caliber to a higher level in order to achieve its new stretched targets and strategic objectives. They have also determined that the current salary structure it one of the major challenges they have to overcome in order to be able to attract the right talents.

Pace Consultancy was requested to assess the current salary structure and propose a new one that would ensure that this entity becomes more successful in attracting talents in the competitive market.

This included:

  • Assessing the current salary structure and understanding the overall limitations and opportunities
  • Identifying current and additional sources of fund that can be used on a yearly basis to increase the salaries
  • Performing a benchmark against similar entities and identify the target or the new salary structure
  • Develop a new salary structure based on all inputs and suggest a roll out plan

The new structure was presented and approved by the entities top leadership.

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