Assessing the readiness of an entity for a government
excellence program and supporting it in the preparation process

A government excellence program in this GCC country assesses all government entities against certain standards at both strategic and operational levels. A yearly awards ceremony is held to recognize the success of entities that performed well, and reports are issued with areas for improvement for other entities.

Our client had suffered from very low ratings in the previous years which have led to multiple actions taken by the center of government including changes in leadership, limiting resources, and increasing the review cycles and pressure on this entity to improve its performance.

Pace Consultancy was asked to help, and therefore we performed the following:

  • Assessment of the reports and findings that were issued and how they can be tacked
  • Devised a multi-track plan that aims at resolving all issues at waves based on priority and importance
  • Assigned teams to work on resolving the identified issues and enabled them by providing tools and manpower support
  • Tracked progress daily with the teams and weekly with the leadership to ensure compliance with the plan.
  • Supported in packaging the final submission for the entity's file and liaison with the responsible authorities to answer any inquiries

Although the results are still not issued, we expect major improvement at all levels this year. For next year, the client aims at winning certain awards by building on the improvements that have been accomplished.

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