Government CAPEX:
Put in place a PMO system to better track
and monitor governmental capital projects

The purpose of this initiative is to put in place a PMO system to better track and monitor capital projects as well as launch plans to accelerate/ recover/ jump-start key governmental projects.

Pace Consultancy supported in the set up of the PMO to track and monitor project implementation, some key activities included:

  • Identify key projects that needed to be tracked and monitored
  • Baseline current state of project management system
  • Identify gaps and areas of improvements
  • Design and improve capital projects PMO system
  • Syndicate system with leadership team and make necessary updates

Pace Consultancy assisted in the accelration of governmental critical projects, the main activites were to:

  • Validate priority projects for acceleration and/or recovery
  • Assess situation of projects and identify issue, gaps and improvement areas
  • Define top-down initiatives to improve project performance
  • Validate initiatives with leadership and launch implementation plan

Pace Consultancy also helped in jump-starting critical projects by assisting in the issuance of a resolution.

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